Clipo Creativity Table


Clipo Blocks from Playskool

Included with the Clipo Creativity Table are 25 Clipo blocks. The assortment includes six green square blocks, six orange squares with open centers, six pink circles, six red triangles, and one blue rectangle block. All of the peg-covered blocks connect together on all sides and also connect to the Clipo Table itself. Additional Playskool Clipo buckets are sold separately and include more basic shapes as well as special blocks to build people and vehicles.

Peg Blocks by Playskool

Clipo Blocks by Playskool are peg blocks in the style of Bristle Blocks but designed for the smaller hands of toddlers as young as 18 months. The blocks connect by simply pushing the pegs together, so even very small children can build with Clipo Blocks.

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Clipo Creativity Table Features at a Glance

Playskool Clipo Activity Table Makes a Great Toddler Gift

The Playskool Clipo Table grows with your child. The youngest toddlers will love the bright colors and interesting feel of the blocks. As they grow, kids will practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination using the shape sorter and drop slot. Finally, older toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy using their creativity and imagination to design and build Clipo block creations.

Clipo Blocks Creativity Table

The Playskool Clipo Table includes two storage compartments on either side of the Clipo Creativity Table for storing the blocks, and each section has a flip-open lid, one with a shape sorter for the blocks, and one with a slot for putting blocks through.

On top of the Clipo Creativity Table are three spinning gears. One is a battery-powered motorized gear that spins the two turntable gears. Put your block creations on top of the turntables and turn on the motorized gear for a fun spinning display. Clipo Blocks are a great way to introduce your youngest children or grandchildren to the creativity of building blocks.