Clipo Creativity Table

Clipo Accessories for the Clipo Creativity Table

The Clipo Creativity Table comes with 25 Clipo blocks in basic shapes. Get one of these Clipo accessories to add more blocks and special block shapes, and add even more creativity possibilities to the Clipo Activity Table from Playskool.

Playskool Clipo Basic Figure Set 20-piece Bucket

Clipo Basic Figure Set

The Clipo Basic Figure Set includes 20 Clipo blocks, including a face and arm and leg pieces.

Playskool Clipo Basic Figure Set $14.99 SOLD OUT

Clipo Basic Blocks Set of 20 Extra Clipo Blocks

Clipo Basic Blocks Set

The Clipo Basic Blocks Set comes with 20 extra Clipo Blocks, including several shapes not available in the Clipo Creativity Table set.

Playskool Clipo Basic Blocks Set $9.99

Clipo Mini Bucket of 30 extra Clipo Blocks

Clipo Mini Bucket of 30 Blocks

The Clipo Mini Bucket includes 30 extra Clipo Blocks, including a face and a vehicle chassis. The Mini Bucket is a great way to expand the creative options of the Clipo Creativity Table.

Playskool Clipo Mini Bucket $12.99

Clipo Big Bucket of 50 Extra Clipo Blocks

Clipo Big Bucket of 50 Blocks

The biggest set of Clipo Blocks available is the Clipo Big Bucket. The Big Bucket comes with 50 Clipo Blocks and includes two faces and a vehicle chassis.

Playskool Clipo Figure Big Bucket $14.99